Strathewen Angus

Strathewen Angus is a small, high quality Black and Red Angus stud on the outskirts of Melbourne which has produced up to 60 outstanding performance calves each year for 35 years, plus substantial quantities of top genetics embryos and semen.

We have produced outstanding calf drop averages on the:

  • DOMESTIC $Index
  • HEAVY GRAIN $Index
  • HEAVY GRASS $Index

Over the last three years we have sold most of our herd, retaining only a handful of outstanding heifers from some of the most successful female lines in Australia over recent decades.

Click on our FOR SALE tab (above) to access catalogues of the animals, embryos and semen available.

Our genetics give purchasers great flexibility to excel in a broad range of markets and to meet fluctuating market conditions.

The key to our approach is, in one word, QUALITY.

  • Outstanding foundation females. The entire herd is based on nine lines of outstanding ET donor females from leading Australian and US studs.
  • Intensive female selection for over 30 years. We culled at least half our females every year and kept only “the best of the best”. Selection for breeding is based on temperament, independent structural assessment of every animal as a yearling and performance at every stage of production.
  • Meticulous sire selection of world class bulls over 25 years of AI and ET.
  • Rigorous verification and health protocols. Our entire herd is Mating Verified (to sire and dam) and most animals are mating verified six or seven generations back into their pedigree. We have very high levels of input to Breedplan to maximise EBV accuracies and all animals have 50K DNA genomic data incorporated into their EBVs. All our animals are DNA tested and pedigree verified free of all known recessive genes.